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Past Episodes
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February 25
About 45 minutes of a capella, and a grab bag of great other songs! 
The Funding Drive starts next week, as does the Kingston Canadian Film Festival AND an a capella competition on the Queen's campus! All of that is mentioned in this week's WAFFLES!, including our very special Funding Drive bonus offers. 
February 18
Songs with spoken-word parts in them (but not spoken word over music)
Songs with talking in them, which were harder to find than we initially thought. Matt breaks the rules a lot. And we get a little crazy with Steve Winwood making bargains with TRAFFIC. Also: Iron Maiden! 
February 11
Soundtrack music, and special guests Brent and Steve of BONEYARD (the movie!), soon to premiere at KCFF. 
A stellar interview with Brent & Steve in the first hour, and all sorts of music from all sorts'a soundtracks, ranging from Fire Walk With Me through the unrelenting horror of All Star By Smashmouth But Every Note Is C. 
February 4
Actors! Songs about actors, and songs performed by actors.
Acting! Genius! THANKYOU! Songs about famous actors or involving famous actors -- and BY famous actors, ranging from Rick Moranis rapping about the Girl from Impanema to Christopher Lee with black metal history lessons.  
January 28
Positivity! With special guest Jay Middaugh of LIVE IN KINGSTON
A series of positive jams to try to offset the horrors south of the border, including a trip around the world with "Happy" covers and an interview with the writer-director of LIVE IN KINGSTON, Jay Middaugh. Fun! 
January 21
Short Songs! 
Short songs! All songs under 3 minutes long -- most under two -- resulting in a bit of "did we bring enough music?" flop sweat near the end. The first show where we've played every single song we brought (except that jazz/metal one). 
January 14
Ladies & Beer! With special guest Kristina Miller
Songs by ladies. Songs about beer. Songs by ladies... about beer. Two titanic hours of WAFFLES!, with a special interview with Kristina Miller, owner of Kingston's best craft pub (the Alibi) and the co-host, with Marisa, of an upcoming ladies' craft beer night. This is a good one! 

January 7
Resolutions for 2017
REGULAR SHOW LENGTHS AGAIN! Thank God! Four-hour shows are exhausting. Resolutions in general, our resolutions -- jazz early on, more rockin' as we move forward.

December 31
Best of 2016 Spectacular
FOUR HOURS of WAFFLES! Our 2016 end-of-the-year beast, in which we play tracks from our Top 10 albums, count out some honourable mentions, mourn those we lost and celebrate the scant good moments in a truly crap year.
December 24
Super Xmas Holiday Spectacular
FOUR HOURS of WAFFLES! Xmas music, ranging from Ludacris to slowed-down Chipmunks. Microphones were clipping like crazy! Sorry about that. 
December 17
Dreams (playlist)
Songs about dreams and dreaming, with guest Melissa from Sudo (A funky group teaching women to code in Kingston)
December 10
French! (playlist)
An all-French show! Quebec, yes, but also French music from around the world, dating back to Rossini and including Belgian hip-hop and Burkina Faso folk. 
December 3
Stories (playlist)
Songs that are also stories, with guests Asad & Jonathan from Chairs and Tables, talking about the Humans of Kingston "human library" project

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